Meet rana aka ‘fairy dust’.
loud. cheerful. excited. free
A flowground partner and kids’ hooping instructor.

Words that describe this woodland elf, in love with happiness, are simple, energized, and carefree. On a mission to spread her passion for individuality and self-expression to the world around her through everything she does and shares.

A designer who is meticulous in her approach to colours (the last 6 months have seen her change her hair colour 9 times, after 8 years of growing it as a natural brunette to donate it), in her dedication to experimentation (an interior design project manager with a penchant for the extraordinary through the mundane), and her love of people, she is a catalyst in everything she gets involved in.

Peter Pan would be envious: a lady from Toronto, her family is part Italian, part Lebanese, part Palestinian, and completely Canadian. She is one who sprinkles bits of herself everywhere she goes, always sharing her infectious energy with those around her, making an effort to put smiles on people’s faces.

Hooping is a recent love affair but, as with everything about her, she threw herself into it and it is now a staple in her daily routine: she’s the girl with the hoops in her car, ready to bring them out to a gathering, at a house, a park, the beach, a club; anytime anyone even hints at the possibility of her being able to flow, she jumps on it.

It is exactly her bubbly personality that makes her such a force of nature. A voice of friendship with kids, a mentor they can look up to, relate to, and trust, woman who bounces around like a child but knows when to pause and reflect.

Her professional life has taught her how to work around problems and an empath who relates to the people around her and provides an understanding, comfortable, safe haven for them to learn, grow, and self-express.

In short, she’s Fairy Dust. A kid and an adult, somebody who balances her fluidity well between those who rely on her and those she so passionately enjoys teaching, Rana is our kids’ hooping instructor, one who will forever be young.

This is Laura aka Moonbeam to the playful and young at heart. She is totally and utterly addicted to hooping. When Laura is hooping she is in a world of her own. Worries are wiped away and positive vibes fill her from tip to toe. Her spirit becomes alive and you can see it in the way she moves her body and dances to the beat of the music. She says it’s the best thing since sliced bread! You’ll often find her practicing isolations as she loves the illusions they create and the magical world that ensues. She is also a massive creative needlepoint geek, so if she’s not hooping she will be sewing and making pretty things!

Mo has been playing Poi and performing shows for over 4 years. His flow journey began with glow-sticks and house music parties. Eventually the glow-sticks got strings on them and suddenly there were these trailing circles of light everywhere. He continued this fun freestyle dance for a few years until he came across fire-poi. The geometric symmetry of fire spinning around a mesmerized juggler was the first glimpse of the beauty of flow for him. He started training with the same performer and began showing off his skills at events. Today he teaches and performs poi wherever he can. Having struggled with ADHD and dyslexia as a child, he is convinced of the therapeutic benefits of flowarts. After a long career in the commercial world, he turned his attention to his passions. He is now a certified nutritionist and holistic health coach who believes in the healing power of balance.

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