flowjam is EVERY Monday from 8:45pm Until 10:00pm
Dubai @The Home of Flow, Al Barsha 2
Toronto @The Dovercourt House, 3rd floor
Our community means the world to us! We recognize that if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of fellow hoopers and poiers, we wouldn’t have made it this far! That’s why flowground is committed to building, shaping, and supporting the local hoop and poi flow communities, just like family.

Communal flowjams are a great way to grow the community and keep its spirit alive. Open to all, our jams take place in a refreshing setting of no structure and just pure play! If you’re new to hooping or poiing, join us for one of our jams to kick-start your flow arts journey. Or come along for some extra practice, new tricks or even to find fellow hooper/poier friends! Most importantly, it’s all about finding joy and love by sharing your space, energy, and vibe, with others like you. At jams, everyone is the teacher and everyone is the student! So find a playground close to you and drop in. First timers welcome! Hoops and poi are available to use and purchase.

flowjam – EVERY MONDAY
A weekly playground to recharge, meditate, mingle & find your flow.
EVERY MONDAY from 8:00PM to 10:30PM

Home of Flow  – Al Barsha 2
10AED CONTRIBUTION  – Hula Hoops, Poi, and Staff & fire toys available to use and purchase.