Hoop Flow Workshop with

Morgan Jenkins AKA Miss Mo’Jangles


workshop description

DAY 1: 

Moves Like Jangles!!

In this workshop I’m going to teach some of my absolute favorite hoop tricks and dance-y hoop concepts! These moves are perfect for show-stopping performances, or just fun to incorporate into your personal flow. We will start with some single hoop sassy moves, and make our way up to using 2, 3 & 4 hoops. Don’t worry If you have never used multiple hoops before, this class is a perfect starting point! I will cover foundations and drills, as well as advanced flourishes for hoopers who want more! I will also be sharing my methods for trick exploration, transitions, and incorporating new moves into your flow. Bring a journal so you can document your ideas and inspirations! All levels welcome!

DAY 2: 


And 5,6,7,8! Day two is dedicated to one of my favorite parts of Hooping, Hoopography! This workshop is divided into two parts. First, you will learn how to overcome “hoopers block” and think differently about how to build Hoopography sequences. You will be filled with hoop-spiration as you find new ways to focus your flow into moves for the stage, camera, or just for yourself! AND you will leave with a short routine of your own!

Make sure you pack or wear something fun for the camera – because part two is all about performing a hoop routine that I will teach to everyone!

This structured routine is designed put the DANCE in your hoopdance, and show you how easy it is to get in sync with your hoop & friends. All levels of hoopers and dancers are encouraged to attend!

Friday April 6th From 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM
Saturday April 7th From 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM




  1. COMFORTABLE CLOTHING. We would recommend:
    • A shirt that covers your back and shoulders –
    • Pants that cover your thighs –
    • Socks that cover your ankles which will keep you comfortable
  2. Water
  3. Snacks
  4. Your hula hoops (a 10% discount will be extended to attendees and 15% on doubles)


Early Bird Special for both days until March 4th – 800AED
Starting March 5th for both days until March 31st – 1000AED
Starting March 31st for both days until day of – 1200AED
Each day separately – 600AED

Space is Limited. First Come First Serve. Book here to save your spot:

Early Bird Special for both days – 800AED


Each Sperate Day – 600AED



Facilitator – Morgan Jenkins


Morgan (Miss Mo’Jangles) is a Los Angeles-based hoop performer, international instructor, and was recently named the 2016 USA Hooper of the Year. She is Known for her sassy Hoopography performances, creating the Hooptown Hotties and for her award-winning hoop videos (Despondence, Halo, READY FOR IT, Bang Bang, Portal, Flowmance, Dark Paradise) Morgan loves teaching others how to express their personality & creativity through hoop dance. Learn more about Morgan:  www.missmojangles.com