Poi Flow – Essentials

“beginners/multi-leveled series”

Private Sessions offered in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Toronto:

Contact us at:
UAE: +971 56 113 8886

Toronto: +1 647 224 0590

Class description

In this 4 – week session, we will cover all the basics of poi movement. You will learn about tracks, planes, beats, tempo, hand positions and other foundation drills that are crucial for learning more complex moves.
The objective of this course is to build muscle memory and break mental limitations. Once fluent with the fundamental geometry and technique you will be able to learn more complex moves with ease. Some of the moves that you can look forward to are 2 & 3-beat weaves, corkscrews, windmills, and butterflies.
Each class will begin with mobility drills and a simple warm-up. We will focus on building one key skill every session and combining them as we move along. For extra fun, we will add some mind exercises each class to fire up our juggling neurons.

ALL LEVELS are welcome! POIS available for use and purchase

No previous poing experience required. Poiers of all levels are welcome. Multi-level instruction will be given to returning students. Pois are available for use and purchase.


We guarantee you a fun workout & a new skill developed over the beginners program or your money back – subject to attendance.

Cancellation Policy:

All classes are only transferable and non-refundable. In the event of missed classes, we offer one free make-up (substitute) class.