Fire Workshop

Hoop & POI

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(No last minute as we may not have enough fuel with last minute registrations etc)

Ever wanted to learn fire hooping and/or POI? This is the time to let your inner fire burn! We will start with a fire safety and walk you through the process of hooping &/or POI with fire. You can pay online or cash. If cash please email me to send you confirmation email.

Timing: We will have two slots available one at 4pm and the other 7pm. There are only 10 seats available per time slot. First come, first serve.

A Google sheet link will be sent in the confirmation email. You can fill in your name in the appropriate time slot there.

Each session will take about 2 – 3 hours.

The fire hoops & POI will be available for use. Wicks will be provided for use – I will be placing an order for fire wicks and fire pois – add your name to that list as well if you want a set.


Friday December 9th

Time Slot 1: 4 PM
Time Slot 2: 7:30 PM


Rana’s Backyard, Garhoud Airport rd.


  1. Please wear fire-resistant clothing (try to be as naked as possible too). Skin and cotton are best with fire. No loose clothing. 
  2.  Grab a hair band for hair. No product on hair.



Space is Limited. First Come First Serve. Book here to save your spot:

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Facilitator – HOOP – RANA

Rana’s hooping love affair began at Tomorrowland in 2013, after experiencing a personal trauma – one that truly revealed her overall strength and lust for life. On a mission to spread love and encouragement through the lessons she had to learn, falling into hooping became a life move. A conscious decision to seize the day and follow her heart.

Since then, Rana’s passion for flow has exploded, inside and outside of the hoop. Inside, she is a hooping powerhouse – always experimenting and improving her moves; finding her zen or teaching and mentoring kids. Outside, well, just look at her. She exudes colour and happiness in everything she does, including when she chooses to unleash her inner child, whenever and wherever.
Facilitator – POI – HUSSEIN AWADH

In the Dubai Poi Scene, Hussein Awadh, an Emirati Citizen from Dubai UAE, barely needs any introduction. Playing Poi & Staff for 3 years now, has been performing Live events for the past year with both Fire and LED equipment.

He has taken the flow arts as a study and a form of meditation. His strict yet catered training methods will definitely help you move forward with your art! His Goal? To Master as many types of the Flow Arts as possible.

From his quiet poised composure to his smooth seamless flow,  you can spot Hussein almost everywhere in the flow community. He is the bridge between the hoopers, the POIers and the staffer.

“Let’s Dance… with Fire!”