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meet Rana aka ‘fairydust’
CO-flowground founder, managing partner & hooping instructor.

Combine part Palestinian, part Lebanese, and part Italian into one big bowl of Canadian, and you’ve got Rana, a sparkling and bubbly whirlwind of infectious positive energy. She is a certified Hoop Love Coach, who comes from an interior design project manager background, meticulous in her approach to making things beautiful.

Rana’s hooping love affair began at Tomorrowland in 2013, after experiencing a personal trauma – one that truly revealed her overall strength and lust for life. On a mission to spread love and encouragement through the lessons she had to learn, falling into hooping became a life move. A conscious decision to seize the day and follow her heart.

Since then, Rana’s passion for flow has exploded, inside and outside of the hoop. Inside, she is a hooping powerhouse – always experimenting and improving her moves; finding her zen or teaching and mentoring kids. Outside, well, just look at her. She exudes colour and happiness in everything she does, including when she chooses to unleash her inner child, whenever and wherever.

meet teeba aka ‘chief hoop fairy’
Community & flowground founder.

Born in Baghdad and raised in Riyadh, Teeba is a biomedical engineer by education, an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School, a certified Elemental Hoopdance instructor, and Chief Hoop Fairy at Flowground. Yep, from Harvard to hooping, Teeba took her most important lesson from business school – finding your purpose in life – and realized it fully.

Teeba first fell in love with flow arts at Burning Man, in 2011, when her eyes feasted on the song and dance of a beautiful creature effortlessly moving to the flow of a hoop. A vision so entrancing, it would cast a spell on her to last for years.


When she returned, Teeba wasted no time, and dived head first into the Toronto hooping community. Through hooping, she found joy, freedom, laughter, play, and during one of the most challenging phases of her life, she found healing. She felt relief from her scoliosis, lost stubborn weight and decided that hooping had become the second love of her life after meeting the first – her husband, Basel, who shares her passion for flow through poi.

“What is learned inside the hoop is applicable even outside of it, in everyday life. It allows for openness of truth, purity of voice and, frees us from self-judgment, often a bigger barrier than the judgment of others.”

hoop & poi

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We provide perfectly weighted hula hoops, that come in different sizes and colors, fit for both adults and kids. Each hoop is hand-taped with grip and splashed with a lot of sparkle. We provide both collapsible and non-collapsible hoops that are built to last your journeys and quests around the world!

Drop in to a flowjam session to choose your own hoop. Prices range from AED 200 to 350 a hoop and we can even custom create a hoop especially for you!

For more information on how to get your own unique hoop, please contact us at: hoop@flowground.com

join our flowjams

Flowjam EVERY Monday FROM 8pm UNTIL 10:30pm
@ Home of Flow, Al Barsha 2 
Our community means the world to us! We recognize that if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of fellow hoopers and poiers, we wouldn’t have made it this far! That’s why flowground is committed to building, shaping, and supporting the local hoop and poi flow communities, just like family.

Communal flowjams are a great way to grow the community and keep its spirit alive. Open to all, our jams take place in a refreshing setting of no structure and just pure play! If you’re new to hooping or poiing, join us for one of our jams to kick-start your flow arts journey. Or come along for some extra practice, new tricks or even to find fellow hooper/poier friends! Most importantly, it’s all about finding joy and love by sharing your space, energy, and vibe, with others like you. At jams, everyone is the teacher and everyone is the student! So find a playground close to you and drop in. First timers welcome! Hoops and poi are available to use or purchase.

 flowJam – Mondays
A weekly playground to recharge, meditate, mingle & find your flow.
from 8:00PM to 10:30PM 

Home Of Flow, Al Barsha 2  

10AED Contribution Hula Hoop, poi & staff available to use and purchase.


“To be very honest, I was terrified before my first hooping class – the last time I had attempted to keep a hoop on my hips was as a little girl and it wasn’t particularly successful. But within minutes of meeting the group I felt completely at ease – the atmosphere was so relaxed, the instructors mega encouraging and the team spirit among all the hoopers just amazing! When any of us mastered a move everyone would be genuinely happy and excited for them. Not only was each session really fun but also an awesome workout (I ached after the first few!) and a total switch off for the mind – perfect for a busy working mum like me. I loved every minute and I can’t wait to take the next course! Thank you Flowground for opening my eyes and welcoming me into your hooping family.”
Kaya Scott, Sassy Mama Co-founder & Editor
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