What if someone told you that a hula hoop can teach you long life lessons?

…that a plastic circle can create a world of possibility?

…that a child’s toy can provide you new perspective?

Hula Hooping for Corporate – Pursue the YES!

Whether you are looking for a team energizer, a workshop developing skills, or an audience engaging performance, flowground provides it all. A fun, playful and dynamic experience with learnings that go beyond the circle. For more information, please contact Teeba at: teeba@flowground.com or 0566970099 to help you find the perfect fit for your event.

Topics for your corporate development workshops include:

1. Courageous Leadership: Step Out of your comfort Zone
2. Workplace Happiness: Use the Power of Positive Psychology
3. Understanding Motivation: Start with What Drives You & Finish with Follow Through
4. Embracing Diversity: Build Company Culture and Belonging