Hoop/poi flow is taught in a series of 6 week classes due to the nature of the learning curve with the hula hoop and due to the communal aspect of the classes. You will find yourself developing immensely in your hoop flow and trick abilities, and making lots of new friends by the end of the course. The graduation ceremony at the end of the 6 week course is an experience not to be missed!
Yes, come join us at our weekly jam events happening every Monday at 9 – 10.14pm at the Fridge in Al Serkal, Avenue, and we will show you what hooping and poing is all about.
It is proven that an hour of hula hooping can help you burn over 400 calories and exercisers can expect similar results from hooping as boot-camp classes, step aerobics, and cardio kickboxing! This awesome fact was found by the American Council of Exercise through a study conducted on hooping in 2011. Aptly dubbed, “exercise in disguise”, hula hooping provides a total body workout and has major calorie-burning and cardiovascular benefits. But the benefits of hooping go beyond being just physical, hoopers are also said to have relaxing, meditative and sometimes, truly transformational experiences through hooping. The simple act of hooping connects the body, the mind, and the spirit to channel flow, break internal boundaries, and improve creative self-expression.
With benefits similar to hooping, poi flow is an energetic and playful activity that improves flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. While encouraging creative self-expression, poi spinning is proven to have a stimulating effect on both sides of the brain thereby improving bi-lateral motor skills and concentration.
Everyone can hoop. With the right instructions, the right hoop/poi, and a little bit of practice, any one can hoop or poi. 😉
You can register for the class directly online and you will receive a confirmation email once registered.
Wear comfortable clothes whether it’s your yoga clothes or your fun new outfit. We recommend hooping barefoot but you can wear your yoga socks or your indoor footwear. Whatever makes you comfortable.
Your divine self and water. We will get sweaty!
Yes, and we actually recommend it. It takes a time to develop skills to a level of proficiency and flow and the rule of repetition applies here as it does anywhere. Also, you will be surprised at some of the information you might have missed during the first series, and the learning boost you would get in both trick and flow. And, don’t forget the reverse!
No, we have hoops or poi available for use during class but you are more than welcome to get your own, and we recommend it.
We sell adult size hula hoops during classes & jams. Our hoops are made of durable plastic, and come in larger sizes, which makes it easier to hoop with. The grip tapes create friction so the hoop sticks to your hips. This allows many people who could never hoop to experience quick success! Our perfectly weighted hula hoops, come in different colors for you to choose from. We provide both collapsible and non-collapsible hoops that are built to last your journeys and quests around the world!

We also sell sock poi, which are the perfect poi for beginners and for practice.

Most hoops available in retail stores are either kids sized or weighed improperly, or both, making them almost impossible to hoop with. We don’t recommend those hoops for adults.
Hula Hoop classes for Beginners in Dubai