Flowground has had many incredible workshops with phenomenal world class hoopers. To name a few, we had the pleasure of being taught by: Geoffrey SzuszkiewiczAnah Reichenbach, and Tiana Zoumer. Flowground has a busy 2016 ahead with amazing hoopers coming to visit us (ZOMG I CAN’T WAIT!) and share with us a few tricks they have up their sleeves! However, without a doubt, Lisa Lottie‘s workshop last October was definitely one that I will not forget.

Lisa 1

Image courtesy of Sami Sasso

Lisa’s presence is powerful. She walks into a room and you know she means business. Every move of hers is perfect; her posture, her walk, her turn, even when she speaks…it’s quite surreal.

I honestly cannot put into words Lisa’s beauty, confidence and charm. However, her Ted video and latest hoop video can give you an idea of this lady’s fantabulousness.

So I walked  into class, late as usual, and was greeted with a warm smile from Lisa. I ran at her shrieking and gave her one of my famous hugs (thank you for not running away Lisa), and she calmly reciprocated as she adjusted the sound system/mic situation. Lisa’s discipline, perfectionism and eye for detail are quite prominent during her classes. She beautifully balances out discipline and casualness in her teaching style, keeping an eye on everyone and catering to their individual needs. She gave alternatives for those struggling and made the moves more challenging for those who were advanced. She gave enough time for each move to be learnt, and broke it down so that even yours truly managed to get it… and that’s a feat!

Lisa 3

Image courtesy of Sami Sasso

Lisa was a dream. No really, I keep having to look back at emails and pictures to remind myself that I didn’t dream this up! From multi-hoop tricks to her famous helicopter and hand spin moves with a bit of foot hooping for good measure, Lisa gave us a beautiful medley of tricks to take home. And for someone like me who gets distracted by any shiny pretty thing in a 5 metre radius, opening our classes with her 15 minute hoop drills taught me to stay focused, attentive, disciplined and prime my mind and body for the training yet to come. I still struggle to make a habit out of the drills, but I know I will someday- as they may be the most valuable piece of hooping advice I was ever given. Like Teeba always says: persistence and consistence is key.

Enough ramble about my experience of the workshop, I thought it would be nice to have a one-on-one with Lisa, and she was kind enough to take some time off from her busy schedule so that we can get up close and personal with her. Here’s what she had to say:


1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? Where you grew up? 

I was born in a small town right outside of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I lived there for 17 years after which I moved to Whitechapel in London, I was obsessed with British music and big cities so I couldn’t wait to get out there.

2) How did you start hula hooping?

I started hula hooping when I was 21 after I had small role an an extra in Angie Mack’s Hula Hooping video for Fatboy Slim. I was hooked after that.

3) What does hooping mean to you? How does it influence your life? What positive changes did it bring about?

Hula hooping is my biggest passion but it also my job now. I train most days, try hard to stay on top of trends and tricks, watch all the videos that I can… It’s changed my life mainly in the sense that it gave me an actual purpose to live for… I didn’t have much sense of direction beforehand.
Lisa 4
Image courtesy of Lisa Lottie



4) How much time do you spend hooping daily/weekly?

That really greatly depends how much I am working… if I work every night or do multiple shows a day my training will probably only consist of flexibility, strength and running routines for practice, I’ll hoop but I might not work on so many new things. when i have more time I take blocks every day to drill new tricks, i might work on new sequences or routines… so hooping at least an hour every day but what I then actually go through will be very different!


5) What is your favourite music to hoop to?

Hip-hop, commercial pop music, random sound cloud remixes by my favourite artists and cheesy liquid dubstep.


6) How many hoops do you own?

No idea!!!! I have different sets of hoops in different countries… they’re spread out over the UK, Amsterdam, Melbourne and the States!
Lisa 5
Image courtesy of Lisa Lottie



7) What is your favourite hula hoop to hoop with and why?

I use 35″ polypro’s provided for me by Hoop supplies. I changed over to polypro about 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back, i love how they are fat but light and super-springy. my LED’s are by Spin-FX and also 35″ . I’ve often wanted to use smaller hoops but I am tall and hoop a lot on my body. 35 is ideal.


8) Who is your biggest hoop inspiration?

Elena Lev for her absolute perfection. i took lessons with her this year and she told me she hadn’t dropped a hoop on stage in ten years…. as I said, absolute perfection. Also Alesya Gulevich for her stunning grace and outrageous multi-hooping. I look at her and hope that that can be me one day, so stylish, timeless beauty.


9) What quality do you most admire in a hooper?

Perseverance. I also love the gamechangers, people who invent new stuff and push it out to the public. I have my style but I haven’t invented so many new things… that’s not really where my creativity lies i think so I get really inspired by those who come up with new whacky stuff all the time.


Lisa 6

Image courtesy of Lisa Lottie


10) What is your most memorable hoop memory? Tell us the story.

One random night on the London underground I bumped into Grace and Satya from FlameOz. it was a saturday or fridaynight i think and the tube was packed full of people, randmly we all ended up in the same carriage, both at other ends, both with stacks of hula hoops, it was such a coincidence and we laughed so much and had a conversation through the crowd. people stared so much.


11) Have you faced any challenges hula hooping? If yes please elaborate.

Of course, every challenge every other hooper has had to overcome too, we all face the same battles.


12) Have you tried any other flow arts? If yes- which one(s) and how was your experience?

I’m not really familliar with other ‘flow arts’ to be honest, although i do like to practise juggling every now and then, does that count?


Circue Du Cabaret, Burlesque, Cabaret, Leicester Square Theatre, The Spiegeltent, The Tassel Club

Image courtesy of Lisa Lottie


13) How was your experience in Dubai? Will you visit us again?

Love Dubai, what a crazy place 🙂 Of course I will come back!


14) what hoop move are you currently struggling with/trying to perfect?

a nine hoop split!


15) Are you working on any current projects? What can we expect from Lisa Lottie in the near future?

I’m taking a relaxed year where i will not be touring so much and will be focusing on creating a new regular hula hoop and and a new LED hoop act to be ready by the end of 2016!


Lisa 8

Image courtesy of Lisa Lottie


16) Finally- what advice would you give someone who is new to hooping and just starting out?

Watch all the videos, try all the moves, believe that it can be done and then go out and do it 🙂 XXX


Thank you Lisa. You truly are inspirational!

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Hoops of love,