You may think that the blog post’s cover picture is a picture of someone hooping with an LED hoop.

It’s not. It’s a picture taken of a whirling dervish in motion.

I’ve often wondered why I felt so serene and centered when hooping. A sense of calmness washes over me, a sense of glory and gratitude. It made absolutely no sense…where are these emotions coming from and what is it about hooping that brings them about?

And then…Rawan spoke. It was during a hoop workshop with Tiana Zoumer where Rawan, a fellow hoop fairy, shared with us a reflection of hers. She noted how organic and natural hooping is, and that perhaps, it is because of the nature of hooping that we gravitate towards it. She noted how our DNA is in a helical form, how the sufi whirling dervishes meditate in whirling motions, and how our whole life is powered by the solar system’s revolution.

And at that point, it clicked. It made sense to me. How could you NOT feel at home when turning in circles?

I’ve recently watched a show called Belief, an Oprah Winfrey production, on different people and their experiences with belief and faith. The episode I watched was on an American woman who found salvation and comfort in becoming a whirling dervish. She was inspired by Rumi, and went to Turkey to learn from the masters, and returned home an official whirling dervish.

After watching that episode, I researched a bit on “moving meditation”, a concept Teeba has once shared with us in our earlier classes.

According to Omega’s website: Moving meditation allows you to turn any form of conscious movement into a sacred body prayer. Some people use the practice to express themselves and experience the present moment, while others set an intention to communicate or connect with nature or the divine.

They list spiritually inspired martial arts such as tai chi and qigong; vinyasa and other types of meditative yoga; walking meditation; and dancing meditation to be examples of moving meditation.

So what is it about hooping that drowns me in intoxicating feelings of transcendence?

Perhaps it reminds me of a time as a child when I used to twirl myself dizzy and laughing at how fun it was.

Perhaps it’s that high the dervishes get when whirling to reach God and His love.

Perhaps it’s me syncing with the cyclical motion of the universe, with its planets and stars swirling consistently in a circular dance, spiraling around each other’s gravity as they pull and tug at each other with love and grace.

Perhaps it’s just the fun of hooping.

Whatever it is about hooping, I’m glad I found my moving meditation.