welcome to our wonderland!

All our products can be viewed at our weekly jams on Mondays at 9 – 10.15pm at The Fridge, Alserkal Avenue or you can contact us at hoop@flowground.com for more information. Our beginner hula hoops are sold online here to be delivered straight to your door!

hula hoops

We provide perfectly weighted hula hoops, that come in different sizes and colors, fit for both adults and kids. Each hoop is hand-taped with grip and splashed with a lot of sparkle. Our hoops are collapsible built to last your journeys and quests around the world!

beginner hula hoops

Our beginner hoops are sized perfectly for beginners at 42″, collapsible to fit your suitcase for travel, and full of sparkle. The hoops are priced at 350 AED. We now sell these hoops online as well! Click here to get your own sparkle hoop shipped to your door! For special size orders, please contact us at hoop@flowground.com

intermediate/advanced hula hoops

We sell HDPE and Polypro hoops in different sizes, untaped with beautiful color tubing at 220 AED, or taped with sparkle to your choice of color at 300 AED.  Please contact us for more details at hoop@flowground.com

LED hula hoops

We sell SPINFX Phoenix LED hoops locally. Click here to see what these hoops can do. If you want your own Phoenix hoop, please contact us at hoop@flowground.com for more information.


We provide sock poi, locally made with colorful and unique patterns. Each pair is 75 AED.

We also provide LED Pod Poi at 480 AED per pair.

featherbands and earcuffs

Every hooper & poier needs a feather accessory to complete their look. Stop by our jam to see our full collection!