It’s no secret that happiness is good for business. It increases every business outcome, be it productivity, sales, retention… the list goes on. And did you know happy employees take less sick days?

Since you’re here because you’re interested in finding the perfect team building activity for your people, that must mean that you want your people to be happy, motivated and inspired. Right? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place! Because there is no other team building activity that could create more happiness and inspiration than hula hooping.

Workplace happiness increases productivity by 31% 

– Harvard Business Review


Besides being completely rad and awesome, hooping gives you an incredible range of benefits. It promotes self-awareness while exploring team dynamics. It builds trust using fun. It provides active, goal oriented lessons that tap into both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. And the best part? It will make everyone have fun with no risk of boredom. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll drop the hoop! Can’t wait to get started? Book us now!


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Workplace happiness increases retention by 44%


Our Wicked Workshops

Whether you’d like a one-hour energizer for a team of 80 or a four-hour team development session for your managerial team of five, our workshops are as flexible as workshops get. Tell us what you’re looking to accomplish, and we’ll tailor a program just for you! Currently, you can choose from four workshops, designed to enrich and empower any corporation or company.


Courageous Leadership:
Learning to step out of your comfort zone

“Courageous leadership is not fearless leadership. What makes you a leader is how you deal with your fears”

– Andy Hargreaves

To stay ahead in the modern world, we all have to be leaders. In this workshop, we’ll drill into what that really means. Yes, everyone will learn how to hula hoop. However what this workshop is really about is embracing both success and failure. Taking the steps to grow is not always comfortable, and yes, sometimes it’s downright weird. This workshop will make sense of it all, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone to reach a higher potential.

The Leadership workshop will cover these lessons, and much more:

  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Embracing the risk of failure
  • Finding your voice as a leader


Workplace Happiness:
Tapping into the power of positive psychology

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”

– Marcus Aurelius

Happiness and work are not two words that always go together. But when they do, the results speak for themselves. A happy workplace with happy employees produces greater results – it’s that simple. Happiness is a tool – and in this workshop we are going to harness the power of the hula hoop to create positivity. Everything you learn in this workshop will not only benefit your work life. It will also trickle down to your relationships, your lifestyle and your outlook.

The Communication workshop will tackle the below, with a few surprise gems thrown into the mix:

  • Building trust and understanding
  • Finding flow
  • Reframing perspectives


Understanding Motivation:
Starting with what drives you and following through

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”

– Robert Byrne

Have your teams been falling behind? Is there a spark missing from the office? What your people might need, is a good healthy dose of motivation. And what better way to get motivated than learning a fun new skill? Through the hula hoop, we’re going to discover how motivation is an easy train to board. Step by step, we will cover new ground and shed away those layers of apathy, boredom and fatigue. Spin by spin, we will show each and every participant how to once again apply the best version of themselves to their work, and life outside of work.

The Motivation workshop is broken down into three main sections, with loads of motivation boosting fun:

  • Finding purpose
  • Goal setting and habit building
  • Following through

Team Development

Building Culture:
Embracing our differences, finding belonging and being yourself

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”

– Stephen R. Covey

Company culture plays a huge role in retention and employee satisfaction. But it’s not something you can necessarily describe, force or generate. Through this workshop, we will use the hula hoop to connect and inspire a new way to think, interact and communicate. And while we play and get a little crazy, we’ll uncover that something special that unites your people – that something special we call culture.

Here’s a preview of just some of the things we’ll be covering in the Team Development workshop:

  • Behavioral differences and their benefits
  • Team unity & oneness
  • The art of being YOU

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Companies with a higher sense of purpose outperform others by 400%

– Millward Brown & Jim Stengel

Team Development

“It was truly an outstanding experience for the full team where they got to step out of their comfort zone and stretch themselves to do something they would have never done.”
Mahmoud Sahmoud, Business Unit Director, Advanced Sterilization Products and Biosense Webster, Johnson and Johnson Middle East
“I have always been passionate about my career yet afraid of judgments, being a Saudi woman played a big role in that. My experience inside the hula-hoop has taught me that losing myself in a state of flow brings out my authentic self, with absolutely no fear of judgments. I was able to apply flow in my day-to-day priorities and it allowed me to excel beyond limits. My work was acknowledged for GE Healthcare regional President Award in 2015.”
Samar Nassar, Program Director, Education Solutions
, GE Healthcare


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From Harvard to Hoopreneur

If you’re in the Middle East and you happen to see someone hula hooping, chances are it’s because of yours truly.

I’m an entrepreneur that has created a social influence and positive change in my community through re-introducing a children’s toy, the hula hoop, as a tool for development and learning. Two years ago, no one in the region above the age of 5 would dare pick up a hula hoop. Now, there are now over 300 hoopers all across the Middle East!

I am a motivational speaker and hoop coach, and I encourage others to embrace their true selves. However this outlook on life was not innate. Getting here was truly a journey.

I’m a Biomedical Engineer, but I also have an MBA from Harvard Business School. I have worked with influential corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Louis Vuitton, and now I teach people how to play. Go figure!

If there’s one thing that my unique experiences as a Saudi woman living in today’s day and age have taught me, it’s to live life with full potential and expression.

One of the most important lessons I gained from Harvard Business School was about finding a purpose in life. It was there that I realized my own dream of being a positive influence for the people in my community. So I brought them the hoop and taught them to live fully and express freely.

We are all unstoppable. We just have to tune in to our own purpose.

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More About Me
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Companies with engaged employees receive 2.5 times more
revenues than companies with low engagement levels 

– Hay Group Study


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    Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously,
    but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard.

    -Colin Powell