Teeba’s generosity and beautiful soul is no secret to anyone who meets her. She loves unconditionally, gives more than she takes and just radiates with pure goodness that is refreshing to see in today’s world.

When I first saw Teeba, I saw this petite beautiful girl playing with a hoop. Little did I know that meeting her was going to be a defining moment in my life, a moment where life was about to throw so much love and good things at me (with some not so great things on the side- you know life, old habits die hard!), and a moment where I was about to adopt so many new friends, sisters and brothers who would all be my new family.

Teeba is random. She’s adorable, has the cutest laugh, and has some of the most brilliant brain farts I have ever seen. But most importantly, Teeba is Teeba. And just as Teeba spontaneously (when I wasn’t looking) wrote in my Hoop Journal (you’re not a hoop geek without one!), the cute note you see in the blog post’s cover picture, I now say to you Teeba, in my proudest font into cyberspace….”thank you for being you; without you, I wouldn’t be who I am.”

Teeba celebrated a milestone birthday this month, and as a gesture of love and appreciation, a few people had some thoughts to share with her. It’s virtually impossible to get all of Teeba’s loved ones in one post speaking their mind and hearts to her (we’d break the internet worse than any Kim Kardashian photo or viral posts about Decaprio’s winning an Oscar!), but here’s a few anyway…

Happy belated birthday Teeba.

Basel Dahleh: “Your passion and determination to make a difference and bring joy to to our society inspires me. I’ve never met someone who feeds on people’s joy and makes it integral to her happiness. I couldn’t be happier being that someone’s husband.”

Katia Kripak: “In short, there are not enough people in the world like Teeba. She has the seemingly superhuman ability to achieve something most of us only ever hear or talk about, but never witness. The ability to make dreams come true. This world she has built, this culture she has created, the knowledge and inspiration she is spreading as we speak. But what makes her even more superhuman, is just how human she is. She connects with you without judgement, reaches out when you need it most, and is so genuine that we start to notice that more of that genuine is what’s missing in this world.”

Myra Haddad: “I want to thank her for introducing me to awesome people. For making me exercise willingly at least once a week. For taking me out of my comfort zone and express myself in front of strangers. For having the opportunity to meet, teach and interact with random people at events.”

Rawan Jebran: “Thank you for all the memories and future moments you have already imprinted onwith sacred circles. It’s a pleasure to have been with you since the beginning and watched you develop your passion into a movement across lands, through thick and thin. May we always find time to spin together. Love, Rawan”

Mariam Applepie: “For a long time I had forgotten the faery priniples of anything is possible and chasing the yes. Picking up a hoop made me realise that anything is possible when your heart goes back into the circle. Thank you Teeba fro bringing mysElf and many Elvens alike back full spiral circle to our ever flowing magical power, thank you for grounding us in this real flow forever.”

Rana Habayeb: “Why not?”- “True Story” Teeba

Jennifer Wilson: ” ‘Oh, oh, the places you’ll go’. Thanks to you and every Teeba – fest we’ve been to, my life is richer.”

Laura Elson: “Teeba. I just want to thank you for appearing in my life so randomly. Maybe it wasn’t random, I think it was meant to be! I have found a hoop buddy, a mentor and a friend in you. How different life would be without our Chief Fairy! I thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach my true love, HOOPING! You are such a fun and colorful person who’s good heart shines through, you are a true inspiration for us all to do what we love and follow our dreams! All my love and hoop love. Laura xxx?

Carla Lazkani: “Keep hooping. Keep mindful. Keep creating. Glad to part of your journey!”

Ishrat Yakub: “Teeba is one of the people I look to when I need inspiration. What she’s managed to achieve with so much grace and so much love is incredible and she reminds me of why we continue to do what we do. Incredibly lucky to call her one of my best friends and looking forward to our many adventures to come.”

Yara Lazkani: “Teeba’s  passion for her fairy self-expression evokes the creative artist inside of me!”

Noha Salame: “Thank you birthday girl for giving us all a space to discover and explore our flow with beautiful people like you.”

Samar Nassar: “Thanks for teaching me how to be free. Grateful you’re in my life.”

Sarah Mahyani: “Happiest birthday to a beautiful person inside out. Teeba, you are a true inspiration to many including me and I’m happy our paths have crossed.” 

Farah El Amin: “I’ll never forget that chocolate intoxicated night against the wall. Thank you.”

We love you Teebs.

Teeba 1